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Pentecost and Gemini

Here’s another of the numerous astronomical/zodiacal references in the Judaeo-Christian scriptures.   Pentecost Sunday, or Whit Sunday, considered by Christians to be the birthday of the church, was yesterday, 19 th May. Pentecost means ‘fiftieth’, the fiftieth day after Easter, and since Easter always occurs when the sun is in Aries, Pentecost   always occurs around this date, when the sun enters Gemini. (Which it does this year on Tuesday, 21 st May.) This is the time of year when the heat of the sun is: not yet so equally diffused as when he shines directly down from his highest point of elevation, the summer solstice. In consequence of which the air is heated and rarefied, but partially, as over the sands of Africa; and over all those parts of the earth which reflect heat. So that the surrounding denser air, rushing in, in consequence causes those rushing mighty winds, which render the month of May full often peculiarly unpropitious to human health'. (Rev. Robert Ta

Gemini (1): 'I Contain Multitudes'

GEMINI   21 st May – 20th June     Gemini , by Dan Hodgkin     Gemini, the Twins, is the first of the Air signs, and concerns duality, fragmentation, communication, brothers and sisters. Its strength is versatility, its weakness duplicity. The two principal stars in the constellation are Castor and Pollux, which were considered the protectors of sailors. Its decans are Lepus, (the Hare), Canis Major (the Big Dog), whose principal star is Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, and Canis Minor (the Little Dog). In early classical days Canis Major was simply called Canis, after Laelaps the hound of Actaeon. Notice the unusual construction of the story of Jairus’ Daughter and the Woman with the Blood Flow: it’s the only ‘double’ miracle in the gospel. In this section Sodom and Gomorrah - 'the twin towns' as they were called - are mentioned, and the apostles are sent out 'two by two'.   Read

Taurus (2): Letting the Light Shine

Taurus (2): Letting the Light Shine Story: The Dog in the Hall of Mirrors There once was a dog who wondered into a room filled with mirrors. The dog looked around and seeing all of the other dogs, growled and showed his teeth. Upon seeing all of the other dogs do the same, he got frightened and cowered. When he noticed the other dogs cowering, he once again growled and started barking. A similar reaction from the others made him cower and become very frightened once again. This continued over and over until the dog finally fell over, dead from emotional and physical exhaustion. One must stop and consider what would have happened if the dog had only once wagged its tail. The world is merely a reflection of our attitude toward it.   Two weeks ago I was speaking about the Parable of the Sower, which can be found in the fourth chapter of Mark’s Gospel – the chapter which I believe reflects the zodiacal sign of Taurus, the first of the so-called Earth signs. The imag