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'Etty' by Etty Hillesum

Books that have changed my thinking (5)  ‘Etty’ by Etty Hillesum Etty Hillesum in 1940 There’s a very interesting storyline in Coronation Street at the moment. It concerns the Webster family - Kevin, Sally, and their two daughters Rosie and Sophie. Kevin has been having an affair with Molly, his business partner’s wife; the elder daughter Rosie has embarked on a career as a model and is seeking breast implants. And the younger daughter Sophie has become a Christian. Sally, Kevin’s wife, found out around Christmas time that she has breast cancer, but last week she was told that the lumpectomy had been successful and that she wouldn’t need any more surgery. The family members are overjoyed at the news and Sophie, the Christian daughter, tells her dad that she has been praying for her mother, implying perhaps that her prayers have been heard and expecting that her father will congratulate her on her efforts. But he doesn’t. Instead, he goes into a tirade against God.