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Was Jesus a Mason?

  Was Jesus a Mason?   Everybody knows that Jesus was a carpenter. Car window stickers in America proclaim, ‘My boss is a Jewish carpenter’, and Woody Guthrie wrote a song in 1940, recorded more recently by Johnnie Cash, which makes much of Jesus’ humble trade:   Jesus Christ was a man that travelled through this land A carpenter true and brave, Said to the rich, ‘Give your goods to the poor,’ So they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.   Jesus Christ was a man, a carpenter by hand, A carpenter true and brave, And a dirty little coward called Judas Iscariot Laid Jesus Christ in his grave.   Woody Guthrie said that he wrote the song while he was looking for somewhere to stay in New York City, because he wanted to put down on paper what he felt about rich folks and poor ones. Jesus was on the side of the poor, says Woody, and if he were alive today, preaching the same message, we would kill him:   This song was written in New York City, Of rich men, preachers and slaves, Yes, if Jesus was to