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Talitha Cumi: Waking up the Divine Feminine

Talitha Cumi : Waking Up the Divine Feminine Readings Mark 5: 21-43 The Raising of Jairus's Daughter When Jesus had crossed over again to the other side, a large crowd thronged around him as he stood on the shore. When one of the rulers of the synagogue , a man called Jairus , saw Jesus, he threw himself at his feet. ‘My little daughter is dying. Come and lay your hands on her so that she can be healed and live,’ he begged.   So Jesus went with him.             A great crowd pressed upon him. There was a woman who’d had a flow of blood   for twelve   years, and who’d undergone a lot of suffering at the hands of many doctors, but despite spending all her money on medical treatment, none of the doctors had been able to help her and her condition hadn’t improved at all; in fact, it had deteriorated. She’d heard about Jesus and, coming up behind him in the crowd, she touched his clothing, because she’d told herself, ‘If I can only touch his coat I’ll be he

Star-Lore, part 2. 100 Places at which Mark's Gospel Reflects the Constellations

Part 2 100 Places at which Mark’s Gospel Reflects the Constellations Why did not somebody teach me the constellations, and make me at home in the starry heavens, which are always overhead, and which I don't half know to this day? (Thomas Carlyle) (There are numerous websites which give the traditional associations of each of the zodiac signs. Here is one of the most complete  Check it and see that I am not making these associations up!) Aries   1:1-3:35 (Associated with the Ram, Mars, lambs, beginnings, fire, fever, burns, simplicity, austerity, the head, the leader, the top, the roof, confrontation, challenge, deserted places, wildness, the wilderness, mountain tops). Nearby constellations: Cassiopeia ( The Reclining Woman ), Perseus ( The Bridegroom ). 1.       Aries, the first springtime sign, concerns new beginnings, new life. The very first word of the Gospel is  beginning  ( Ἀρχὴ) . It doesn’t even have a definite articl