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A Sudden Gleam Divine Reading:  (From  The Original Vision , (1977), by Edward Robinson , published by the Religious Experience Unit, Oxford.) The Most Profound Experience of my Life The most profound experience of my life came to me when I was very young – between four and five years old ... ... My mother and I were walking on a stretch of land in Pangbourne, Berks, known locally as ‘the moors’. As the sun declined and the slight chill of evening came on, a pearly mist formed over the ground. My feet, with the favourite black shoes with silver buckles, were gradually hidden from sight until I stood ankle deep in gently swirling vapour. Here and there just the very tallest harebells appeared above the mist. I had a great love of these exquisitely formed flowers, and stood lost in wonder at the sight. Suddenly I seemed to see the mist as a shimmering gossamer tissue and the harebells, appearing here and there, seemed to shine with a brilliant fire. Somehow, I understoo